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by Paula Scarcella

Heart & Body Naturals’ Founder & CEO

The start of Heart & Body Naturals is deeply personal. As personal as I can get, really. Something, like so many things, that

brings me back to the gifted healing abilities of Alexandria. Everyone who knows me has often heard me express that the

best person I know is my husband, Ben. Everyone who knows Ben understands what I mean and would agree.

In September of 2012, Ben and I found ourselves in the emergency room at Saint Ann’s hospital in Westerville, Ohio. He had

been struggling with stomach pain for several hours. No other symptoms, only abdominal pain.

The emergency room physician felt that maybe it was a stomach virus or food poisoning, but based on the degree of his

pain they took him for a cat scan of his stomach. Within minutes of starting the scan, everything in our family’s life changed.

The cat scan revealed that the superior mesenteric artery was inflamed to the point

of closing; an acute, life-threatening situation.

The doctors immediately wanted to perform an angiogram, similar to a heart

catheterization, where after inserting a catheter into a large artery in the leg and

advancing the catheter into the aorta, radiographic dye is injected into blood

vessels supplying the gastrointestinal tract.

The angiogram confirmed the doctor’s diagnosis of a disease we had never heard

of before, vasculitis. Vasculitis is a term for a group of rare diseases that result in the

inflammation of blood vessels.

Patients with vasculitis learn that making the diagnosis is sometimes quite difficult. Many endure numerous doctors’

visits, tests, and hospitalizations before the pieces of the puzzle are assembled. The diagnosis of vasculitis usually

requires a biopsy of an involved organ (skin, kidney, lung, nerve, temporal artery). This allows us to ‘see’ the vasculitis

by looking under a microscope to see the inflammatory immune cells in the wall of the blood vessel. Although,

making a diagnosis of vasculitis can be quite involved, this is very important for two main reasons:

#1: Vasculitis has many MIMICKERS (other diseases that have similar features but require different treatments). It

is important to rule out other causes of vascular inflammation, other than a primary autoimmune condition as the

management could be different.

#2: The treatments for vasculitis itself involve substantial risk. No physician should prescribe such treatment without

making every effort to secure a firm diagnosis.

Blood tests, X–rays, and other studies may suggest the diagnosis of vasculitis, but often the only way to clinch the

diagnosis is to biopsy involved tissue, examine the tissue under the microscope in consultation with a pathologist

(ideally one experienced at examining biopsies in vasculitis), and find the pathologic hallmarks of the disease.

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With Ben’s diagnosis of vasculitis, we learned about a blood test that measures the amount of a protein called C-reactive

protein (CRP) in the blood. C-reactive protein measures general levels of inflammation in your body. High levels of CRP are

caused by infections and many long-term diseases. It’s an early warning sign, if you will, of internal inflammation. At the time

of admittance, Ben’s CRP level was four times above the normal range.

Ben was discharged in the care of an absolutely fabulous doctor, Joseph Flood, M.D., FACR. We then spent almost 3 years

on different drug therapies, each with their own side effects. Every three months blood would be drawn and we would

anxiously await the results of the C-reactive protein levels.

It seems there are only two treatments for vasculitis, and no cure. You can only try to control the internal inflammation with

extended high-dose steroid use and immune suppressant drugs. The only clue or warning you have that the disease is about

to throw another life-threatening wrench at you is the blood test for your C-reactive protein levels.

Over the next 3 years, he continued to take high doses of steroids and combinations of immune suppressant drugs along

with monitoring his C-reactive protein levels every 3 to 6 months. We had four different doctors monitoring everything due to

the vasculitis itself and the side effects of the steroids and immune-suppressing drugs.

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In September of 2015, three years from the initial diagnosis, his doctors stated the vasculitis was in remission.

He continued to have his C-reactive protein levels checked, and each blood test would confirm that he was still in


In October 2016, our family was once again sent into a state of panic when the by-then routine blood test came back with

a 9.3 C-reactive protein level. The doctors immediately wanted him back on the steroids and immune suppressant drugs,

along with a trip to the Cleveland Clinic.

I immediately did what I do for everything health related in our lives, I called Alexandria. Before Alexandria was an Essential

Oil formulator she was a master herbalist. We talked about three products she had previously formulated. She referred to

them as the Healing Trilogy – Mind, Body & Soul. Within 72 hours I had requested samples of a huge host of raw ingredients

to be sent to Alexandria so that she could recreate her formulas for Ben.

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There was a large list of ingredients, including things I had never heard of previously, like Camu Camu, Triphala, Phyllanthus

niruri, Bhringraj, Guduchi, Tephrosia purpurea, Nirgundi, and of course Turmeric.

She first formulated the adaptogen complex with tried and true Ayurvedic herbs like Ashwa

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