Fed Chief Warns Congress Again! Entitlement Spending: The Calm ahead Of When The Storm

Gosh, that didn’t take up much room at all. I guess I’ll have to throw in a bonus in the form of an ex-presidential quip, not of my making. This one came from a Letterman monologue.

It gets even sillier when you review how the deficit increases, with the tranches and instant approval bonuses that are set up for Congress and the President. That whole portion is simply politics. It gives both sides a way to blame the other for any current economic woe before the election, while leaving voter confused as to what actually is happening (mostly nothing but finger pointing and more debt from what we can determine).

Serious businesses that received the reduced credit rating make drastic changes. They put a freeze on spending that isn’t justified. They come to terms with their creditors with a repayment plan to put them back on track.

Yes, in war time, the rich get richer, it is a Republican play, and at the end, everyone gets a share of the goodies, except the taxpaying poor and middle class, and the soldiers doing the dying for what? -Democracy? Come on now, we all know better, tell that to the dying. How about our national security? I doubt it has a once of truth to that anymore. With that kind of money going out, we can build a better security system for Americans back home. Whoever passes these out of whack bills, I hope you remember them, on Election Day. No wonder nobody wants our money, it’s becoming no better than toilet paper, even Peru they are avoiding using it for business transactions nowadays, although you can still buy a hamburger or so with it.

Bush never seem quite that arrogant, but then again he was known for saying he was the decider, and the decider and his cronies did lie the country into two Wars, bend the us prison reform constitution to its breaking point, and wreck the economy by giving tax cuts to the very rich.

3) Sen. Jim Bunning has announced his retirement. If Curt Schilling doesn’t run, the US Senate could have no former MLB players as members come January of 2011. That is just un-American!

Thirdly and finally, you lessen the risk of monetary and emotional devastation on virtual dates, when all it takes is to chat or play video games with your potential partner. You can’t be worried about spilling drinks, getting meat stuck on your teeth or saying awkward things.

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