Replacing The Ballast In A Fluorescent Light Fixture.

Manila, Philippines – Bayan Muna party-list agents in Congress wish to prohibit high strength discharge (HID) headlamps in all automobile, blaming them for numerous roadway accidents. Headlights Face-off: LED vs. Xenon vs. Halogen Headlights With incandescent headlights being phased out, there are more bulbs for you to install on your cars and truck. Then you … Læs mere

Perelman, S. J.

I want to speak about High Strength Discharge Bulbs of HID’s. I have actually heard that some individuals would like to fit two of these systems into the ST headlight, one on each side, I would not advise this as the main headlight lens on the primary beam (right) side is patterned to distribute the … Læs mere

Benefits Of HID Lights.

High-Intensity-Discharge (HID) Headlights (likewise referred to as Xenon) produce brighter, whiter light than halogens, helping to make night driving much safer and simpler. Next the heat weapon came out and a choice of flat bladed screwdrivers were put together to divide the two halves of the headlight. This post is focused on just the light … Læs mere


As industrial or domestic lights, both halogen and xenon lights have numerous advantages. A 7 in (180 mm) round sealed-beam headlamp with lens optics on a Jaguar E-type The flutes and prisms spread and distribute the light gathered by the reflector. You will be stunned at how well their lights perform if you purchase a … Læs mere


There is no questioning the popularity and ever growing need for HID headlights. Philips Corporation ensures that these packages are below 0.05 defect rate, this is much better than the market quality standards. Magnetic ballasts have been around for several years and essentially use an electro-magnetic system to control the voltage of the lighting. On … Læs mere

Lampu Projector Hid.

Projector fog lights are possibly one of the smallest but most important parts of a vehicle. This is the significant reason that might cars and truck motorists go for projector headlights. Compared with rapid-start ballasts, instant-start ballasts have a light life that is roughly 25 percent shorter. As soon as detached, get rid of the … Læs mere